Precious metals

Precious metals for industrial use encompass platinum (Pt), gold (Au), rhodium (Rh) as well as different alloys comprised of these. Precious metals are used where high temperatures are expected, e.g. in laboratories, for thermal elements and for the surface treatment of special objects. Precious metals are costly products and the waste can be sold and refined again. We purchase this metal waste from our clients.


Wire and sheets
We deliver different sizes of wire and sheet manufactured from precious metals. Also we keep stocks of thermowire-Type S ø0,3mm Pt-Pt10Rh. Please call us for the actual price.


Net – gauze
Fine-meshes gauze is used in chemical filtration but also in the production of catalytic burners. We can deliver these parts in Pt in Pt/Rh and in Au.


Crucibles, etc.
For laboratory use we can also offer crucibles and bowls/dishes, etc. in platinum and platinum alloys.