For the hardening and sintering of metal objects we use different oven systems – vacuum furnaces, tunnel kilns, shaft kilns, etc. High temperatures of up to 1150oC are often used in these processes.

It is therefore important to choose appropriate materials for the transportation and storage of objects during this process. Heat resistant steel based materials with a high Ni content are often used and these are available ascastings or rolled and welded material.

Vacuum systems often require materials in graphite of carbon fibre armoured light weight elements. Thermal elements are also a key requirement in order to control the heat treatment processes.

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to view which materials are used in high temperature processes. The materials in the top part of the schematic are those used for moulded elements, while the bottom ones are used for sheet elements.

Retort furnaces

Retort furnaces and crucibles in titanium and nickel alloys – tolerating temperatures up to 1150oC.


We deliver burn pipes, gratings, baskets and charging equipment for tempering furnaces and sintering processes.

Other equipment
We also deliver band conveyers, nets, muffle-liners and other equipment which require a tolerance for high temperatures.

Vacuum hardening

We now offer a new concept for hardening in vacuum ovens based on carbon fibre armoured graphite (C/C).

Complete charging systems are constructed with this new light weight material which can endure up to 2000oC without a change of shape or other deforming.

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Uni-Grid is a new patented charceringssystem using light weight components.