Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber composite materials are characterized as being a rigid material with a high modulus, high strength and low weight. Carbon fiber “intermediate goods” delivered in the form of tubes, rods, plates or shaped elements. The carbon fiber composite typically includes two components, carbon fiber and epoxy. Carbon fiber products reinforced with fibers in different ways, by purpose and use, with filaments or weave “bound” with epoxy. The tubes, rods and profiles we deliver are produced basically by three different methods-pulltrusion, Roll-Up “pregpreg” or filament winding. Sheets produced as a “prepreg” that is to say weave which is impregnated with epoxy which are bundled, compressed and heat treated.

Together with our partners who are specialists, we help you, to  find the right products that meet your requirements and specifications.

Besides a number of standard dimensions we deliver directly from our manufacturing partners, we provide all kinds of “Tailor Made”  sizes and qualities.
In addition machining is possible.

Technical information: