Cast objects
Graphite is used as a special material in certain industries of which metallurgy/melting sintering processes are the most relevant. It is also used in chemical industries in electrothermic and electrolytic processes.

EDM objects
We are able to supply sheets/blocks and round bars which can be processed through electrical discharge machining or grinding. View the PDF file for additional details.


Pyrolytic Graphite
There is one material that is more diamagnetic than bismuth at room temperature, at least in one direction. That material is called pyrolytic graphite.

Pyrolytic graphite is a synthetic material, made by a process called chemical vapor deposition.

To make pyrolytic graphite, methane gas at low pressure (about 1 Torr) is heated to 2000 degrees Celsius. Very slowly, (one thousandth of an inch per hour) a layer of graphite grows.

The graphite made this way is very highly ordered, and the layers of carbon atoms form like a crystal of hexagonal sheets. These sheets lie on top of one another like sheets of mica. You can separate the layers with a sharp knife to make thinner sheets.