Molybdenum is a refractory products,we can supply varied molybdenum products include: molybdenum rod, tube, plate, foil, wire and molybdenum structural parts. We can also supply molybdenum crucible and molybdenum target. Please find below:

Pure Mo 99.95% min.
TZM Moly alloy
Mo-W alloy


1) Molybdenum sheet,foil,strip ( ASTM B386 )
Size: 0.02 mm min thickness width: 650 mm max.

2) Molybdenum sputtering target ( ASTM B386 )
According to user required.

3) Molybdenum rod ( ASTM B387)
Dia: 3 mm min.
In straight rod (length 3000 mm max)

4) Molybdenum wire ( ASTM B387)
Dia: 0.05 mm- 3 mm.
Black wire and clean wire

5) Molybdenum tube
Seamless tube OD: 65 mm max
Welded tube according to user required.

6) Molybdenum Boat,Screw,Crucible,

7)  Finish parts according to drawings.