Carbon fibre products

Carbon Tubes

From  Ø3 til 80 mm, wall thickness from 0,50 to 3,00 mm.

Standard length, 1 & 2 meter, + fix length up to 6 meter

Finish: Grinded, polished, painted.

Tailor made tube, from  Ø3 to Ø 800 mm in length up to 12 meter. Quality acc. to specification

Carbon Square Tubes

Some sizes from 4 x 4 up to 50 x 50 mm, standard length 1 & 2 meter

Other dimension on demand.

Carbon Plates

Thickness: from 0,20 to 12,00 mm

Width:       from 20 to 1250 mm

length:       from 150 to 2600 mm

Other dimensions on demand.

Carbonfiber Rods 

Thickness:    from  Ø0,3 to- Ø20mm

Length:         Standard 1000mm or 2000mm

Fix length:   from 25  to 6000mm

Other dimensions on demand.

Carbon Fiber Telescopic Tubes Conquest 2.0

”Conquest 2” is a new developed telescopic system, lightweight and with minimal deflection. Conquest can be delivered in different combinations and with working length from 3 to 9 meter, but can also be designed to customer request.

2-tube system 3,0 meter (transport length 1750 mm)

3-tube system 4,5 meter (transport length 1800 mm)

4-tube system 6,0 meter (transport length 1850 mm)

5-tube system 7,0 meter (transport length 1900 mm)

6-tube system 9,0 meter (transport length 1950 mm)

The Conquest system include a metal ring on the top. The ring have an inside thread for further assembly.