3D Printing – Metal and Ceramics

Through 3D printing technology it is now possible to produce printed parts in metal and ceramics at competitive prices. Through our network, Carbo Tech Nordic ApS is now able to offer such parts.

This may be parts you wish to test prior to the final production without investing in casting tools or a geometrically complicated part which is impossible or difficult to produce via traditional methods.

We offer 3D printed parts in sizes up to 250x250x310 mm and/or ø100x100 mm in various types of metal and ceramics.

Typical metals:  Aluminium(3,2381/3,2163), Stainless steel, Inconel (625 and 718), Copper, Wolfram, Titanium (3,7165).

Ceramics: Zirconia, Alumina (99.9%).

Different printing technologies are available depending on size, geometry and quantity.