Wear parts

Alumina – white ceramic
Alumina – also referred to as technical ceramic – is the most commonly used ceramic material for abrasive applications. The main component is aluminium oxide which is typically found in concentrations ranging between 92% and 99.7%. In order to use the material as a wearing part it must be completely non-porous. The material is not only hard-wearing but can endure temperatures of up to 1700 degrees Celsius without losing strength.


Grey ceramic – Si3N4
Grey ceramic – silicon nitride – is a material used in applications exposed to extensive thermal strain. As the material has a very low rate of heat induced expansion it can tolerate severe fluctuations in temperature. In addition to this the material is also very hard-wearing.


Black ceramic – SiC
Black ceramic – SiC – is the most hard-wearing ceramic available and has a range of uses, e.g. axle sealing of nozzles and heat exchangers. The material exists both in gas proof and porous qualities.